2012 / 2013 GRANTS

Youth Information Referral Service (YIRS)

YIRS provide a service for youths at risk, including  individual case management and programs supporting  young people at risk of disengaging from school or who  are disadvantaged. YIRS received a grant for $4160.24 to  fund their dental program, which assists young people  to access vital dental care and treatment. This program  enables youth at risk to access treatment at an early  stage and prevent any major dental problems developing.

Nanyima Aged Care

Nanyima Aged Care is a not for profit aged care facility  at Mirani providing a valuable community asset to senior  members in the Pioneer Valley community. It allows them  to stay close to family and friends whilst receiving full  time care at the facility. Nanyima Aged Care received a  grant for $2250 to purchase a superior stereo system,  including a transport trolley. The equipment will be  housed in their Theatre Room and will enable residents  to experience music for social benefit, exercise programs  and music therapy programs. Studies have shown music  therapy can reduce the severity of anxiety, confusion  and agitation, and assist to maintain memories of happy  times, increasing the feeling of joy and social connection,  particularly for those with dementia.


MADEC provides services to people with a disability and  youth at risk. They provide a respite service at the John  E Smith Respite Home for people with a disability under  the age of 25. MADEC received a grant for $6000 to  install internal blinds at the respite home. Internal blinds  will enable their predominately Autistic clients access to  a suitable space outside their own homes where they can  control the external light to suit their individual sensory  needs.

Community Accommodation and Support  Agency Inc (CASA) CASA assists the community with the provision of  supported crisis housing for families with dependent  children in their care. CASA also provides a range of  services to resolve any immediate crisis and achieve  stability. CASA also supports clients to access  alternative housing. CASA received a grant for $3000 to  line the interior of their storage garage to prevent vermin  entering and causing damage to stored furniture. CASA  is now able to store donated furniture, keeping it in good  condition, for clients in need. 


Anglicare provides, without discrimination, a range of  affordable and accessible counselling support services  including education and housing support to families  and individuals. Anglicare received a grant for $2000 to  provide emergency assistance and basic care to the needy  and the ‘hidden poor’ in the Mackay community. Their  program helps clients manage better their basic needs of  food, clothing, medications, short-term accommodation,  electricity, and fuel.

Scouts Australia Queensland Branch – Mackay

Scouts Australia Queensland Branch – Mackay manages  Rowallan Park, 42 hectares of natural bushland with  facilities used by scouts, guides and other interested  groups. Scouts Australia Queensland Branch – Mackay  received a grant for $3000 to part fund building a concrete  pathway to enable the Johnstone Lodge to be more  accessible to disabled users of the accommodation. This  improvement opens up more opportunities for a variety of  organisations to make full use of the resources provided  at Rowallan Park. 

Mackay Surf Life Saving Club Inc

 Mackay Surf Life Saving is a diverse organisation that  primarily delivers water safety and first aid at Harbour  Beach. They assist other organisations with water safety  and search and rescue. They need to be able to transport  their crafts in an efficient and timely manner. Mackay Surf  Life Saving Club received a grant for $2700 to purchase  two roadworthy trailers, enabling them to respond quickly  to communities in need or a search and rescue operation  away from their home base. 

2013 FRRR Sidney Myer ‘Back to School’  Program

Our 2013 Back to School program was an outstanding  success, delivering much needed support in the form of  school supplies to families in need. With funding from the  national program, Aurizon Community Fund, the Stan and  Maureen Duke Foundation and Carroll’s Newsagency,  we were able to distribute over 930 $50 Carrolls News  vouchers to 36 schools throughout the region, including  16 schools new to the program. We also provided  over 100 book packs to six emergency relief centres  for distribution to clients who access them for support  throughout the year.  Gauging from the comments provided by the participating  schools in our program evaluation, the ‘Back to School’  program is very much appreciated with noted benefits for  individual students, families & teachers.