The Mackay Community Foundation is an independent philanthropic organization dedicated to supporting projects, activities and charities that sustain our region’s most needy.

The aim of The Mackay Community Foundation is to continually grow our base of investment funds in order to provide a permanent and growing source of funding which is then distributed to the community as annual grants to deductible gift recipients or other tax deductible entities.

A donation to The Mackay Community Foundation is a gift that keeps on giving. Donations to the Foundation are treated as capital. Only the income generated from the invested capital is distributed regularly to nominated charities and causes in the Mackay region. The stated aim of

The Mackay Community Foundation is to apply funds towards:

  • The relief of suffering of those persons in Mackay and the districts surrounding Mackay who endure poverty, sickness, distress, misfortune, destitution and helplessness
  • The improvement and assistance of educational, health, welfare, religious, environmental, family and cultural organisations in Mackay and surrounding districts.

The board of The Mackay Community Foundation manages the Foundations funds in accords to a specific constitution.


While simple in concept, the Mackay Community Foundation model is quite profound in offering honest, transparent assistance to those in need within our community.

Local people, businesses and organisations are encouraged to give where they live. This contributes to the stability and longevity of the Foundation, in effect supporting the future of Mackay.

All donations accepted by the Foundation are invested and retained for generations to come. Only the ever-growing fruit is granted each year to those in need.

Close your eyes and imagine for a second what your donation could grow to, in time. Now imagine the impact your donation could have on those in need of support, both now and in the future

The Mackay Community Foundation and its directors are the unseen roots from where the ‘tree’ first began and draws its life. Through company and individual donations the tree is able to grow and continually bear its ‘fruit’ through grants and on-going support for our diverse community.

All money donated to the foundation is invested, and the earnings are donated to community organisations and individuals in need of aid. This allows the ‘fruit’ to be gifted to charities, groups and individuals in the local community.


The roots of the foundation are deeply embedded in this wonderful region we have the privilege to call home. The founders of the Mackay Community Foundation envisaged an organisation that embodied philanthropy, providing funding to address the needs of the community both now and for generations to come.

The Mackay Community Foundation is centred around the idea of ‘Give Where You Live’.

The Foundation provides a source of growing sustenance for Mackay, whereby individuals, families or businesses can make donations to support those in need within our region. These vital donations are retained as capital by the Foundation, with grants being made to community organisations using only the earnings on this capital.

The Foundation Board is made up of key business and community leaders in the Mackay region, with the sitting Mayor of Mackay holding a position on the Board. All Board members contribute on a volunteer basis.