Honouring the Past – Securing the Future is an exciting fundraising campaign as a part of The Mackay Community Foundation.

Mackay is a region rich in community history. Many individuals and families have had a significant impact on the shape of our city, either through business, agriculture, community or a cultural focus. Similarly, The Mackay Community Foundation aims to positively shape the future of our community, by creating a perpetual funding source that will continue to provide for our region.

Honouring the Past – Securing the Future provides an opportunity to celebrate our early community while creating a supportive and lasting legacy for the future of Mackay. The goal is to significantly build our capital fund and enable The Mackay Community Foundation to continue to provide worthwhile community grants to the region’s most needy.

By making a donation to The Mackay Community Foundation, community members are able to recognise an individual that has made a significant contribution to the region over the past 150 years. The project is open to individuals, families, small businesses, large organisations, service groups, sporting clubs and the like, wishing to support those in need in the Mackay community for generations to come.

All donations are invested in our secure capital fund, from which we fund yearly grants in perpetuity. Success in this project will mean we all enjoy the benefits of a vibrant, growing community.

For more information about this project, or to make a donation, please download our brochure and donation form here