2020 / 2021 GRANTS

All Abilities: $28,000

These funds will support the cost of air conditioning for the Summer House.  Summer House is open as a learning and friendship hub for children and families living with a disability.  This air-conditioning will allow for All Abilities to expand their activities in the summer months as at present they find when it rains or is very hot they have to come indoors and there is only one room that is currently air-conditioned that cannot fit everyone in this room attending a play session.  Summer House is open to all children in the local area but is a safe area for disabled children to explore and play with others.

Domestic Violence Resources Services: $17,725

The MCF has provided a grant of $17,725 to the Domestic Violence Resources Services Mackay for a project that will deliver a unique Domestic Violence awareness campaign and a series of face-to-face intervention and prevention sessions supported by a Business Toolkit to business leaders and employees throughout the Mackay region. 

Australian Street Aide Project (ASAP): $10,000

Australian Street Aid Project strongly believes that the Mackay community’s most disadvantaged demographic group would truly benefit from better access to medical care, and that the Emergency Department would also benefit from better prevention methods being in place, resulting in fewer admissions. The $10,000 grant will be utilised as a “Specialist Homelessness Medical Funding pool”, which can be used to assist people who are experiencing homelessness with:

• Research into, and procurement of, a fit for use structure

• Accessing medical care from Mackay CBD GP clinics, dentists and other essential medical services

• Transporting clients to and from medical appointments when necessary (e.g. client unable to walk long distances)

• Guidance and assessment from our ASAP Registered Nurse who can ensure better rates of continued care by assisting with dressing wounds, GP liaison, patient education on conditions and medications

• Assisting clients to fill scripts that are deemed essential to their mental and/or physical health by GP.

Aboriginal Torres Strait Islander Community Health Services (ATSIHS): $4,275

To assist in the recovery of COVID-19 within our community, $4,275 will be utilised to fund a Medisafe Vaccine Fridge and Medisafe UPS Battery Pack.  These items will facilitate the storage of COVID-19 vaccinations and this vaccination hub is not only for First Nations people, anyone in the community can obtain the vaccinations from ATSICHS.