The Mackay Community Foundation makes it easy for organisations, individuals or families to support community projects in their area by establishing a Named Fund. A donation is invested with other trust funds but grants made from the donation are acknowledged as being made from the Named Fund. The original donation is never spent, but keeps on giving to the community long after the money or asset was donated.

A Named Fund is ideally suited to an individual, family or business wishing to provide support to a range of charities and community groups in our region, leave an ongoing legacy to the community, or honour a family member, friend or outstanding citizen. They are an alternative to Private Ancillary Funds (PAF) offering some very real benefits to the donor.

• Funds are referenced and acknowledged in the name specified by the donor. This can be in the name of an individual, partner, family, business or in memory of someone.
• The fund is named from the outset, although the initial minimum contribution can be made over a period of years.*
• The donor can participate in the fund as little or as much as they desire.
• Ongoing contributions, whilst not essential, are recommended at least for a few years.
• Donations to the fund are tax deductible where required.**
• Named fund donors are able to be involved in presenting grants from the fund if they wish.
• The fund continues into perpetuity, even after the donor’s passing.
• Donors may indicate a preference that a particular group or type of eligible projects benefit from its donation.
• By establishing a Named Fund with The Mackay Community Foundation, donors are ensuring that the local community will receive perpetuity grants from their fund, rather than a once off donation.

  • The minimum contribution is $10,000 over three years.
    ** Where tax deductible gifts are received, conditions can apply limiting certain grant options.


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